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  • My First Video Game
    August 26, 2016 / No Comments / Exemplar Apps,Uncategorized

    Ok, so technically it’s not a “game” because it doesn’t have an achievable objective lol…  I completed this on Monday. It’s the product of following a unity tutorial. Sort of an advanced “hello world” for video game development. There’s a bunch over versions of this game floating around. I think most new devs build it

  • unity 3d and Video Game Programming
    August 22, 2016 / No Comments / Exemplar Apps

    This past weekend I discovered Unity 3D and I fear my life may never be the same!   So, I’ve been programming for like 15 years. 12 professionally, and about 5 as a part of a team at private firms. And every 2 years or so I checkout the state of video game development. we

  • How to Add a sidebar on the Product Page in Xcart
    April 30, 2015 / No Comments / Blog,Exemplar Apps,xcart

    I’ve done this a few times already, but I ran into an issue today because xcart 5.1 and xcart 5.2 handle it differently (somewhat). I’ll give you both ways. First, here’s the code you need to accomplish this: Basically, whats happening here is we are redefining this core function to not include the ‘product’ page

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I tend to specialize in web development, but my new position at GiantHat has allowed me to branch out into, and refamilarize myself with, desktop development, app development and a bunch of other stuff...Hoping to get my feet wet in some native mobile apps and video game programming soon.

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